Enterprise Application Software

Enterprise application software or EAS is a broad term which is used to describe computer software that is specifically used in any organization or business to provide business or operational solutions. It basically covers all aspects of software activity that is used in business or government or any institution such as school or even charity organization to provide solution through a computer-based information system.

It is also simply referred as enterprise software and consists of different business-oriented tools such as automated billing systems, online shopping and payment system and human resource management. Others tools include logistical management system, IT management, enterprise application integration, manufacturing or project management and content management system (CMS). They also include health information management system, CRM, collaboration, communication and customer relation management.

The enterprise application system is large-scale and often used in providing solution or as a support mechanism in the entire business or organizational setting. Enterprise software can also be deployed in different platforms including the internet, intranet and across the corporate network within an organization. The EAS must meet strict security requirements and despite its complex nature, it should not be difficult in its maintenance or administration management capabilities. Enterprise system is mostly available as a set of customized programs simply because of the common business applications.

Custom enterprise application development intends to provide solution to the enterprise as a whole rather than to a specific department. It involves providing automation to the general business process, store huge amount of complex data and retrieve or share it within the business when required. The enterprise software is also usually hosted in servers and is capable of providing solutions or services to a large group of users at the same time over the network.

Applying an enterprise application system in a business has many benefits including increased efficiency in operations of the organization. This means it boosts the business reputation in management issues and responds to opportunities or provision of solutions in a timely manner. The automation of business processes also enhances the business operations as well as saving time and costs while focusing on fulfilling clients’ demands and achieving enterprise goals. The exchange of information is also enhanced by collecting, using or sharing data without wasting too much time. The EAS also the business IT infrastructure to be flexible and the company can expand its management IT portfolio when the need arises such as growth of customers or services provided by the enterprise application development company.